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Winding & Re-reeling steel wire ropes


How To Winding & Re-reeling steel wire ropes
It is important to attach steel wire ropes at the correct locations on a smooth drum as
improper winding methods will cause the spreading of terns in the first layer of steel wire
ropes on the drum. Then the second layer of wire ropes may be wedged between the open
coils of first layer, crushing and flattening the rope as successive layers are spooled.
Generally, steel wire ropes are wound from the top of the one reel to the top of another or
from the bottom to bottom. But how to start wire ropes on a drum may puzzle lots of our
customers. The following illustration will give you the best solution.
Underwind - left to right
Underwind - right to left
Overwind - left to right
Overwind - right to left
The right hand normally are used to determining right-lay wire ropes and the left hand for
left lay wire ropes when standing toward the drum. The clenched fingers represent the
drum and the extended finger stands for the oncoming rope.
Many crane models also have two sided grooved drums for winding wire ropes as shown in
the picture.
Tow side grooved drums-1
Tow side grooved drums-2
When re-reeling steel wire ropes from horizontally supported reel to another drum, make
sure that the rope is traveling from the top of the reel to the top of the drum or bottom to
bottom to avoid a reverse bend. Look at the following picture about the right and wrong
method of re-reeling:
Right method of re-reeling wire ropes
Wrong method of re-reeling wire ropes
Wrong method of re-reeling wire ropes
When re-reeling steel wire ropes, make sure the surface of the drum is clean, smooth and
dry to protect wire ropes from damages by foreign particles.
For reels with vertical shafts, re-reeling is also available but you must to ensure the rope is
always taut to avoid accumulation of slack.
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